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Resin Art - Waves & Beaches

Resin Art - Waves & Beaches

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Join me for the Resin Art workshop covering this wonderful fluid medium including basics, safety precautions, ocean themes on clocks and more!

Audience: Beginners or Non-Artists 

Duration3 Hours conducted in English 

      Session Contents:

      • Introduction to Resin Art
      • Brands & Sources
      • Prerequisites and Safety Precautions
      • Prepping of surfaces before use.
      • Differences between types of resin, types of pigments & powders to be used
      • Different surfaces for resin & functional applications of this versatile medium
      • Different tools to enhance your work.
      • Learn Ocean Theme on Clock
      • Introducing 3D or natural effects to your art
      • Learn lacing techniques and multi-layering of ocean pieces
      • Finishing of your artwork to achieve great smoothness & shine
      • Placement of clock machine and ideas to add clock numbers
      • PDF of all materials with purchase links provided
      • Recording and assistance provided post workshop 

      Kit Contents:
      (Add a kit if you need materials to be shipped to you)

      • Resin Starter kit (300gms)
      • 4 x Resin pigments
      • 10" MDF Clock Base
      • Clock mechanism and number sticks
      • Assorted Shells
      • Sand
      • Plastic Sheet

      Materials Needed:

      • Kitchen measuring scale (compulsory)
      • Mask
      • Masking Tape
      • Hair Dryer or Heat Gun
      • Straw, Toothpick\Pin and Mixing Sticks\Plastic Spoon
      • Paper cups - big and small - min. 10
      • Tissues\Newspapers
      • Alcohol Based sanitizers for cleaning of instruments
      • Big sheet or container to cover the artwork once done

      Measuring Scale:


      Plastic Container:




        Reach out to us at our Instagram handle for quick queries


        Inks & Resin Art Workshops:
        - Suitable for ages 16 & above
        - Not recommended for pregnant\expecting women

        - Not recommended for people with respiratory ailments, eg. Asthma.

        Beyondmix (Eco-friendly Resin Workshops:
        Open for all age groups, no specific restrictions towards health conditions

        Session Format

        - These are online sessions conducted over zoom.

        - Kits are available for delivery from our art supply partners

        - We would be painting along to enjoy the experience and participants are encouraged to be interactive

        - Session recordings would be shared with participants after the workshop which would be available for viewing until 3 months.

        Paint Kits

        - Paint kits are provided to your doorstep across India by our art supply partners

        - Check workshop details above for link to order your kit required for the workshop.

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