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Art by Ami

About Me

A dentist by profession and a full-time art enthusiast, drawing inspiration from my surroundings, I try to create contemporary and intriguing art.

I wish to reach out to as many of you to make you feel, what I feel.


I bought the Resin Coasters the coasters are 10x better than what I expected!!

Prerna Zaveri

My Third Workshop!

It was my third workshop with Ami and i loved it again. Ami taught some very cool techniques. If anyone wants a break from their hectic schedule do give this workshop a try!!

Chipra Singh

Clock Art

Ami is a thorough professional and has an amazing sense of styling a space. She gave wonderful inputs and was very receptive to our ideas. Thank you for the beautiful customised piece of art.

Manjeet Tahiliani

Highly recommended!

I really enjoyed meeting Ami. She was very patient, explained all information and processes slowly and clear so it was easy to hear her and ask questions throughout. I'm looking forward to more workshops with Ami.

Cayce Wegman

Definitely taking more classes!

I’ve only watched YouTube tutorials but it’s not the same as being able to asks questions and show your work for critique. Although we were thousands of miles apart it felt like we were in the same room. I will definitely be taking more classes by Ami ❤️

Kerry O'Leary


I'm glad to introduce you to my collection of hand crafted artworks and curated learning content .