Alcohol Ink Essentials from Narapapers

Alcohol Ink Essentials from Narapapers

Few years back, when I started out exploring Alcohol Inks to my surprise not many Indian brands existed and I would often find myself leaning towards brands outside of India for inks & paper supplies.

Fast-forward to 2019, I came across a new launch of this home-brand NARA synthetic papers.

It was love at first-sight (more like first use!!) The synthetic sheets that were highly non-staining made it so easy to wipe and re-use or correct my work when there were accidental spills.

The papers were definitely a hit with me, and I was now looking for more from them.

Just like that, they soon launched their extensive range of Alcohol Inks as well. The same vibrancy, fluidity & great usability that was comparable to the international brands that I had been using.

Now, I am so used to the accessibility that I get for all of Nara’s products that I am spoilt for choices.

From synthetic papers to alcohol inks, from nara stickers to acrylic bases and from Nara black to Nara art pads, I have used it all.

For larger paintings they introduced Nara Rolls which I could cut to custom sizes, & the unique non-absorbable art boards that are compatible to not only Inks but also fluid acrylics or resin.

Usually when you review something, you need to be critical too but I don’t seem to find anything that I could not like within this brand.

Hands down would recommend to all beginners and fellow artists to go ahead and try them out and be a judge for yourself.

Hope to have cleared out your apprehension towards Nara and their range of products!


PS: Use Code AMI30 on Narapaper website to get 30% extra on your synthetic sheet orders!

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