The importance of Art in your routine!

The importance of Art in your routine!

Hello All!

If you've known about me, you must already know that I'm a dentist by profession and practice art since I was a child.

Art by Ami

I started my journey with different art forms including charcoal, water colours, oil painting, acrylics and other conventional mediums. 

buddha with lotus.  Message in a bottle  vibrant abstracts

I've noticed the benefits of Art at various stages of my life. 

At times, it was an escape from the daily routine. But often, made me connect with myself much like meditation.

It came across as sheer inspiration during the difficult times around the inception of the pandemic when I was able to connect with numerous art lovers through art.

After experimenting with varied art mediums, it seems I've found my home with fluid art forms like alcohol inks, resin and fluid acrylics. It's probably the unique blend of uncertainty and control that makes these so intriguing.

queen bee ocean clock resin coasters

"Art isn't what you see, it's what it makes you feel"

This website is just my way of reaching out to as many of you to make you feel what I feel.

Via this website, you can purchase ready-in-store or customised Art Works, learn these fluid art mediums through guided learning based Live Workshops or E-Courses

Thank you for visiting my page and feel free to follow me on Instagram, Facebook or my blogs here to get more insights on these wonderful art forms!



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