Art - Can it be more than just a hobby?

Art - Can it be more than just a hobby?

While I've been an art enthusiast for more than two decades now (stop guessing my age) the learning process absolutely never ends. There's something new to know, explore, create and that's what keeps me intrigued and motivated.

You'll often find chaos around you. It could be pertaining to the people, situations or just you in your head. What Art did for me was it created a vacuum for my thoughts to process, in the way I intended; Basically, I noticed a sense of control over my mind when I let my creativity do the talking.

But besides the obvious benefits, Art has helped me with financial stabilities too in difficult times. Yes! you read that right. Forget about what you've heard or what they say about Art just being a hobby. It can very well be a full-time career choice!

It was pre-covid in early 2020 while I was going about my routine helping patients relieve their dental issues. I had completed almost 10 years practising dentistry and the profession has been, and will continue to be extremely satisfying.

However, since the pandemic set in, besides other obvious challenges, practising as a doctor was stressful, difficult and at times - quite unstable.

While I always enjoyed my time with Art, I had come across fluid art mediums just a few years ago. The uncertainty, vibrancy and a feeling of accomplishment these art forms brought were amazing to me. The combination of abstract art used on well-defined DIY products or home décor items intrigued me to try something new each time.

Now, how can you make Art more than just a hobby?

There are many ways to kick start your small business as a an Artist. I'm happy to share some tips and insights through my personal experience.

Broadly, these are the avenues you can explore to grow yourself as an artist:

  1. Sell your Artworks
  2. Teach via workshops
  3. Collaborate with Art Stores

You can explore one or more of the above avenues simultaneously. However, for each of these options, besides the obvious - creativity (duh!), the Internet is one of the most important tools at your disposal to help you promote, sell and succeed. 

Selling your Artworks

  • Click clear and crisp pictures of your artwork
  • Make your presence on multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • While social media is a great platform to promote yourself, a website helps the audience to connect with your brand better. As a beginner, WIX is a great portal to start your website to display those quality artworks with ease.
  • If you wish to sell your artworks online offering a variety of payment options to customers, SHOPIFY is a blessing for small businesses who wish to offer products via an integrated e-commerce platform.

Teach via Workshops

  • Choose the format which you find suitable for teaching your art form - Online or Offline (in-person). Both formats have their pros and cons and require different preparation steps like physical space for in-person workshops or remote video tools like Zoom, clear recording cameras and equipment, etc.
  • Teaching is an Art in itself and it can be quite rewarding if you can master it. Try your best to share maximum info to learners without holding back.
  • Limit audience count and set pricing according to the efforts, attendance and investments you've made towards the art form.
  • Make use of different channels like social media, references from friends and family to promote yourself.
  • Hosting paint parties, craft events or corporate events can also boost your presence and help grow as a tutor.

Collaborate with Art Stores

  • As you progress through your journey, you'll find many art supply stores that offer the best products for a specific art form. Collaborate with the one's you've found unique or astonishing.
  • Promote their products for an incentive or for a discount on your purchases
  • Stock and sell their products at your preferred selling price
  • If you are already well-known for your art and have considerable social presence, explore rebranding a product with your brand name and work on a business model that works for you and the seller.

While I've tried my best to sum it all in this concise excerpt, you can feel free to explore my website to get an idea of all the above aspects.

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Hey Ami, the very first thought which came to me after reading it, is that, it was a good read. This article is a hope for the people who want to grow in art. Having said that, writing about the ups and downs you had faced in your journey will be remarkably insightful for the budding artists, in the ways we might not be able to even imagine for now.

Thanks for the writing. Love your work. One day will practice what you are doing in art. 🙂



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