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Alcohol Inks - Abstracts & Metallics

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Join me for the Alcohol Inks workshop covering this wonderful fluid medium including basics, abstracts and metallics on different surfaces.

Audience: Beginners or Non-Artists 

Duration2.5 - 3 Hours

    Session Contents:

    • Introduction
    • Brands & Sources
    • Safety Precautions
    • Preservation of your Artwork


    Surfaces used during session:

    • Synthetic Paper
    • Coasters
    • Clock

    Kit Contents
    (Select a kit if you need materials to be shipped to you)

    • 4 x 10ml keto-version Inks
    • Isopropyl Alcohol
    • 5 x A5 Synthetic Sheets
    • 4 Coasters (Clock & Coasters Kit)
    • Clock (Clock Kit, Clock & Coasters Kit)
    • Straw
    • Gloves

    Materials you need to arrange:

    • Round Plastic Lid or Cap - approx. 2" wide
    • Paint Brush - Size 0 or 1
    • Face Mask
    • Hair Dryer (Compulsory)
    • Cello Tape

    Reach out to us at our Instagram handle for a quick response to queries.

    Age and Eligibility

    - Minimum age group of 16+

    - Not suitable for pregnant women

    Joining Details

    Session Format: Online over Zoom

    - The meeting invite is shared with participants over email a week prior to the workshop.

    - A recording of the session is shared with participants available for use for three months after the workshop.

    - Participants can feel free to reach out for questions before or after the workshop on the subject covered in this workshop.

    Participants outside of India

    - The time schedule for this workshop is mentioned in Indian Standard Time.

    - Make sure to select the "No Kit" option since kit deliveries are not yet possible outside of India.

    - We would be happy to guide you with sourcing options in your area.

    - During checkout, you need to select the PayPal option to complete your payment successfully.