Contemporary Art Masterclass - Alcohol Inks

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Learn all about alcohol inks over two days or choose your preferred day as per your current skillset and experience.

Day 1 introduces you to this amazing medium and covers some of the most beginner friendly, yet mesmerising patterns on black and white synthetic paper and acrylic coaster surfaces.

Day 2 teaches you to garner better control to be able to create some of the most eye-catching patterns. Clock design is covered as a separate section to help you up that DIY game!

Day 1Alcohol Inks Beginners | Saturday, 30th January 5pm
Day 2Alcohol Inks Advanced | Sunday, 31st January 5pm

Duration: 2.5 Hours each

Day 1 Overview:

  • Introduction to Alcohol Inks
  • Comparison between different brand options available in market: local with international, links & sources of products for purchasing.
  • Safety Precautions while using them
  • Surfaces: Learn on Synthetic Sheets and Acrylic bases & know more about other surfaces with various functional applications.
  • Tools: Hair dryer, Straw, & Paint brush
  • Techniques: Abstracts - Galaxy theme, Geometric patterns , Brush Effects, Ring Technique, Use of Metallic Inks and white inks on black and white surfaces, 
  • Preservation of your Artwork. 

Day 2 Overview:

  • Ripples Technique
  • Wisps Technique
  • Roses Technique - 2 Ways
  • Blooms Technique
  • Design a clock using your preferred technique

    Kit for Day 1 and Both Days:

    • 5 Inks including white and gold
    • Isopropyl Alcohol
    • White Synthetic Sheets - 5 Nos.
    • Black Synthetic Sheets - 2 Nos.
    • 4 Coasters | 2 Black, 2 White
    • 1 Clock
    • Straw
    • Gloves

    Kit for Day 2 Only:

    • 4 Inks including gold
    • Isopropyl Alcohol
    • White Synthetic Sheets - 5 Nos.
    • 4 Coasters | All White
    • 1 Clock
    • Straw
    • Gloves

    Materials needed from home:

    • Hair dryer (a must)
    • Tissues
    • Paint brush (size 0 or 1)
    • Cello tape 1cm width (Day 1 only)
    • Plastic lid or cap - approx. 2" wide (Day 1 only)
    • Mouth Mask

     Hair DryerPaint Brush - Size 0,1 or 2Cello Tape


    Age Group16+

    Not advisable for pregnant or expecting women.

    Other Information:

    • Workshop is held over zoom and the link would be shared with participants a week prior to the workshop via email.
    • If you've opted for a paint kit with the workshop, materials are delivered within 10 days of your booking
    • A recording of the session is shared with participants available for use for a month after the workshop.
    • Participants can feel free to reach out for questions before or after the workshop on the subject covered in this workshop.

    For Participants outside of India:

    • The time schedule for this workshop is mentioned in Indian Standard Time. Make sure to check your local time before you enrol.
    • Make sure to select the "No Kit" option since kit deliveries are not yet possible outside of India. We would be happy to guide you with sourcing options in your area.
    • During checkout, you need to select the PayPal option to complete your payment successfully.

    Reach out to us at our Instagram handle for a quick response to queries.

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